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The Emperor’s New Clothes

I have never cared much about what I wear. As long as I am comfortable, I am happy. Try to put me in a suit and tie and I will grumble. I buy very few new clothes; often I find great deals in thrift stores and that is enough. However, what our spiritual clothes are […]

My Identity Box

I like my box. It contains my life, defines who I am, gives me identity. There is nothing fancy about it. It has some flaws, dents and scratches, but it feels cozy and secure inside. It’s bigger than some of your boxes. And, yes, smaller than others (but we won’t talk about that). I’m working […]

Anger and Violence

What do you think? Are anger and violence expressions of power or of weakness? Moses explosive outburst against an Egyptian slave-driver was about as fruitful as an expensive firework. The loss of a taskmaster didn’t weaken pharaoh. The Hebrews sneered. Moses ran for his life. How counterproductive our self-efforts can be! Now it came about […]

Living a Kingdom Lifestyle

I sympathize with Christians who struggle to distinguish a kingdom lifestyle from the lifestyle of the world. When society grants religious freedom and holds many healthy values, the distinctions blur. The color contrasts fade with proximity. We grow up fully immersed in our native culture. Normal seems natural—and mostly good. Saintly unbelievers are commonplace, and […]

Christian Destiny

Some people enjoy the challenge of assembling items without instructions. I prefer using charts and explanations. Better still, I like to see what the finished product is supposed to look like. With guidelines, the process is quicker and things turn out better. When it comes to the question of our Christian destiny, we all need […]

Stealthy Superstars

Human nature hungers for heroes. The discovery and promotion of special talent is multi-billion dollar business. The church too is tempted to follow people for similar reasons. We love those who evoke the verbs and adjectives of stardom: he’s dynamic, she’s great, he’s such fun, they’re hilarious, that worship band rocks, everyone’s following him these […]

Death of a Pharisee

Not all of us have a dark past with a made-for-movies conversion story; plenty of Christians have a history they could be proud of. Paul was an accomplished man. He so shone in his early career as a Pharisee that even as a follower of Jesus he pointed to his early confidence. However, Paul considered […]

Breaking the Mold

According to the world, who we become in life depends on our DNA and environment. People are like plastic parts on an assembly line, cooked according to the genetic recipe and injected into the world’s mold. Not much purpose or destiny in that! Although it is mistaken, it is the prevailing worldview and affects how […]

Two Sides of a Coin

If you ever find a modern two-headed coin, it’s a fake. Coin presses are set up in such a way that this is an impossible error. There are always two sides to the coin of our Christian identity too. On one side is what Jesus (the head) did for us; on the other is the […]