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Spiritual Speed Limits

25 MPH is the hardest speed to drive at: too slow for third gear, too fast for second. I feel as though I am in danger of being passed by skateboards and bicycles. Everything in me wants to speed up. During transitions in our lives, when God is moving us into a new phase, it […]

Kingdom Authority

Matthew’s account of Jesus’ ministry immediately after the Sermon on the Mount reads like a firework display of miracles. The multitudes that had marveled at His authoritative teaching followed Him and saw the practical extent of that authority. Right there, at the foot of the mountain, a leper came to Him and bowed down before […]

Kingdom Benefit Analysis

Why would anyone turn their back on leisure and luxury? Right-minded people only do that when they are convinced that a better life awaits. To Moses’ friends, his departure from Pharaoh’s household must have looked like the craziest investment decision. Moses didn’t even have a hunch that it would pay off big time. He acted […]

When in Rome . . . The Culture of the Kingdom of Heaven

Being bi-cultural is difficult. I refer to people who live successfully in different cultures at different times. Perhaps they are missionaries, expatriate business people, or part of a marriage that bridges two cultures. To a tiny degree I experience it when I return from the USA to the United Kingdom, where I grew up. After […]