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Following a Stranger

You know the warning, “Don’t talk to strangers.” It was drilled into you as a child and you probably repeated it to your children. So it comes as quite a surprise that four men, to whom Jesus was almost a stranger, did more than talk to Jesus—they went off with Him. John and Luke’s versions […]

Believing in Fulfillment

One of the ironies of prophecy is that when it comes to pass there are people who refuse to believe its fulfillment. Sometimes we construct a warm and comfortable nest of ideas around a prophetic hope without realizing that those ideas have become more precious than the hope itself. Fulfillment requires the dismantling of what […]

Additive-Free Manna

Why didn’t God add a natural preservative to manna so that the people of Israel didn’t need to collect it every day? After all, on the Sabbath, it remained edible. Now on the sixth day they gathered twice as much bread, two omers for each one. When all the leaders of the congregation came and […]

The Grumbling Gene

I’m sure that our cat is convinced that the speed at which her food bowl appears is directly proportional to the volume of her shrieks. She’s not the only one with that simplistic worldview. Humans quickly learn that grumbling and creating a fuss gets attention. During Israel’s journey from Egypt to Sinai the people experienced […]

The Miracle, or the Miracle Maker?

Are you ready for God’s next miracle? The people of Israel weren’t, they had enjoyed them so far but they doubted whether God could keep up the performance. He split the rocks in the wilderness And gave them abundant drink like the ocean depths. 16 He brought forth streams also from the rock And caused waters […]

Going for Gold – Tested Faith

Those ominous clouds of trouble we hate even talking about, let alone enduring, have a precious golden lining. When we emerge from the fog and gloom, one thing remains—tried and tested faith. Peter considered that faith so valuable that he compared it to refined gold. . . . now for a little while, if necessary, […]

Bold Faith Breaks Through

A trickle of dust from a crack, that’s what Jesus and the visitors saw first. Lumps of dried mud followed. Sticks and straw accompanied clouds of choking dust and the noise of levering, digging, crumbling and breaking. Then the roof began to cave in. People shielded their heads; women tried to brush the dirt off […]

Faith and Doubt

Do you ever cry, “Wait a minute!” at statements in the Bible? I admit that where Paul says Abraham did not waver in unbelief, my indignation used to rise. However, like so many difficult Bible passages, a deeper lesson about our faith and doubt and God’s grace is waiting to be uncovered. Here is Paul’s […]

Strong Faith

Certain sports, like cycling, have been plagued by doping scandals in recent years. Competitors succumb to the temptation to use steroids or other muscle building cocktails to enhance their performance. You can’t fake faith before a discerning God, though we sometimes dupe our fellow Christians. Strong faith can flourish in the midst of any life-battle […]

Faith in God

Hiking in the mountains, I encountered a sign at a trail junction that had a hand-written addition. Someone had decided the official notice was too vague, so the helpful hiker had scribbled a clarification, “Trail 1002. Stay Uphill.” Since Trail 1002 was my route, I had a choice to make, should I turn slightly downhill, […]